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This includes, but is in no way limited to, the vast array of physical symptoms that can be found in an anxiety-ridden person. Sweating, dry mouth, anxiety attacks, rapid heartbeat, shallow respiration, muscle aches and tension, unexplained fear, phobias, social anxiety, speech anxiety, stress fatigue, insomnia, loss of appitite, weight gain or loss, binge eating. If you experience any of these things for an extended period of time, chances are you are suffering from physical anxiety symptoms and should consult with your health care practitioner. There is no need to suffer in silence with the help with stress available nowadays.

Physical Anxiety Symptoms - Mental or Medical?
In today’s world, almost every individual complains of stress affecting their life. For some, the cause is financial, for some medical and for some domestic. Whatever the root, of the problem is, people everywhere are complaining of physical anxiety symptoms.

Due to the fact that stress has become so common, physical symptoms of anxiety and stress may often be confused with other organic causes or disease. It should also be remembered, that while anxiety and stress are related closely, stress is also the precursor of several medical illnesses, like migraine headaches, gastric ulcers and even heart attacks.

Mind or Body? Where do the Physical Anxiety Symptoms Come From?
Often, symptoms are attributed to stress and ignored until the condition has progressed to a more severe stage. Excessive work at the office is commonly said to lead to stress and affected people are heard complaining of visual disturbances, headaches and sore eyes. Reducing stress does help the situation, but often, a simple eye test may help, as working for long hours, in front of the computer or in dim light also impairs visual acuity.

In the same way, surgeons, teachers and other professionals who spend hours standing at work, may complain of weakness or a tingling sensation in their legs. Is this a physical anxiety symptom or just tired legs? The question can be answered by a simple visit to the doctor. On a more serious note, breathlessness and chest pain could be due to stress, but sometimes, the cause could actually be heart trouble.

A regular check up with the family physician is extremely essential to diagnose the cause of these so called physical anxiety symptoms. A diet lacking in vitamin B12 can often lead to a sensory deficit and therefore the solution is often very straightforward. On the other hand a brain tumor called pheochromocytoma can mimic the palpitations and sweating of physical anxiety symptoms and should be taken into consideration as well.

Correct Diagnosis of Physical Anxiety Symptoms
When diagnosing such individuals, a proper history should be taken about the mental status of the individual while experiencing physical anxiety symptoms. People with hard core anxiety problems, often feel scared at this time. They worry about what others will think about them and want to hurry away from where ever they are. Often, such individuals take heavy does of medicines or consume a lot of alcohol to get away from these feelings.

It is also important to remember that often, the trigger to the anxiety is the fear of having a fatal illness. Every physician should keep this is mind while eliminating the medical causes of physical anxiety symptoms, so that the problem is combated, rather than being aggravated.

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